Review Policy

Would you like your book reviewed at Lori Calabrese Writes?

I'm happy to receive board books and picture books. To get a sense of what I do review, please look through this blog and read some previous reviews.

Please realize that the acceptance of a review copy from an author or publisher does not guarantee that I will write a review, that my review will be uniformly positive or that I will get to the book within a particular time period, although you can usually expect to receive a review within 2-4 months.

I am open to participating in Blog Tours and giveaways that can help promote reading and that will get the word out to my readers.

I never sell review copies or ARCs - I use them in my classroom, give them as gifts to people I know, or donate them to libraries that will share them with children and young adults. So even if your book is not featured, please know that your book will be shared whether it appears on the blog or not.

Understand that the reviews given on this site are the opinion of the reviewer and not statements of fact about each book. Additionally the reviews written on Lori Calabrese Writes are the property of Lori Calabrese and can only be used with written permission. Thanks for taking the time to read through this policy. If you're still interested in sending a review copy, please use the contact form on this blog.