Friday, March 30, 2012

Fish for a Free Book: March 30th

Welcome to Fish for a Free Book!

If you are hosting a children's book giveaway, or if you found a giveaway somewhere on the net that you just have to share, I'd love to have you share your links with us here on our weekly giveaway linky so that we can all stop by and enter.

If you're looking for more children's book giveaways, be sure to visit
Brimful Curiosities' Full to the Brim,
Winning Readings (listings of adult and children's book giveaways),
and Got Great Giveaways? (linky of adult and children's book giveaways at I Am a Reader, Not a Writer)

Please post your links however you wish. Some like to include their blog name, some just want to leave the prize and the ending date. Post it whatever way you feel like, but make sure that the prize listing and the date the giveaway ends is listed. And make sure you post a link directly to your giveaway - not just to your main blog page.

Here's an example:
Your name: Lori Calabrese Writes--Two YA Novels--6/24
Your URL:

Now it's your turn. Leave your links here...
(If you're reading this in a reader, please click through to the original post)


  1. Thanks for letting us share our link. We're giving away THREE autographed copies of Janet Wong's book, DECLARATION OF INTERDEPENDENCE: POEMS FOR AN ELECTION YEAR. Deadline, 4/19.

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