Saturday, December 31, 2011

Kid loves watching Sprout

Thanks for the guest post by Bradly Watkins

There are some things you never learn until you have kids. People can tell you, but you don’t understand or retain the information until you actually experience it. Some things are more important than others, but sometimes the simple things are equally important. My parents have always had all the channels direct tv offers. They watch a lot of television, which is fine, but we never thought we needed the channels. Well, then we had a kid. He has fallen in love with a channel called Sprout. Yes, this is an actual channel. It is completely geared for children and has all the classic kids’ shows. It can actually have some very educational shows, but it is in a package that we never needed or wanted. Well, at least we never needed or wanted it before kids. Now we are proud supporters of Sprout and ever PBS. My son is in heaven and to be honest it makes those rainy days a lot easier on me too. I never thought I would be adjusting my budget in order to have all the channels, but kids make you do crazy things.

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