Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Celebrating the New Year with a toast to champagne

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It's almost 2012 (that's really crazy by the way!) and millions of people across the globe will be popping a cork and toasting to a brand new year with a bottle of bubbly, so I figured to celebrate the New Year, we could have our own toast here at Lori Calabrese Writes and give a toast to champagne! I've always been a sucker for research and I must say I learned some things I never knew before. For instance, did you know that Dom Perignon was a monk and is credited for 'inventing' Champagne? The bubbly drink also played a large role in history from ending wars to being sipped by many royalty.

Turns out the bubbles in champagne were an accident and in Dom Perignon's day, bubbles were considered a serious wine flaw. But today, champagne bubbles are so popular, it's even a flavor for Jelly Belly jelly beans!! There's a good conversation-starter about sparkling wines for your New Year's Eve bash.

So here's to a great New Year and as Phyllis McGinley (a poet and writer of children's books) said...

Stir the eggnog, lift the toddy,
Happy New Year, everybody.

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