Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Introducing the Last Ornament challenge

The Last OrnamentAuthor Judith Vicary Swisher has created a holiday tradition you can share with your family with Celebrate Advent: 25 Legends and Ornaments and she continues to share her love of the holiday season with her latest book, The Last Ornament.

The Last Ornament reminds us all of how special it is to decorate a Christmas tree. Christopher and Noelle are just like any other kids--they look forward to Christmas and enjoy one of the best parts--their beautiful tree, which the family decorates a week before Christmas. One by one, ornaments are carefully unwrapped and hung. Even the ornaments are happy to do what they had waited all year to do.

But when Christmas is over, and the ornaments are lovingly packed away until next year, the other ornaments realize that one special guy is missing--the Little Blue Engine ornament. What can the others do to alert the family and avert a catastrophe?

This is a fun story to read with the whole family every holiday season. It's easy for a family to forget that special ornament when decorations are being boxed up, so Swisher provides us with the friendly reminder that we all must look for our own 'last ornament' each year. At the end of the book, the author suggests turning it into a game, with the 'Last Ornament' challenge with the winner getting a special treat, such as choosing the evening's dinner, or being excused from a chore.

With family traditions increasingly being lost to television and video games, Swisher has come to the rescue once again and I can definitely see The Last Ornament becoming yet another fun holiday tradition.

Additional Information:
Reading level: Ages 4-8
Hardcover: 36 pages
Publisher: Rogers Press (April 1, 2010)
ISBN-10: 0976409801
ISBN-13: 978-0976409809
Source of review copy: Author
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