Monday, November 8, 2010

An all-star story about the first woman inducted into the baseball hall of fame

She Loved Baseball: The Effa Manley StoryWant to read an all-star of a story about the first woman inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame? She Loved Baseball: The Effa Manley Story will have you inspired by the courage of one woman who was determined to fight for what was right.

When Effa was in first grade, she was scolded for playing with "those Negroes in the schoolyard." But "those negroes" were Effa's brothers and sisters. While Effa's skin was light, like her mother's, her siblings were dark and Effa was taught that discrimination was just the way things were.

But after high school, Effa moved to New York City and set out to live the big life she dreamed of. Effa enjoyed Yankee's games and met a kind, fun-loving man, Abe Manley who adored baseball. But when Effa went out on the town with Abe in Harlem, she realized that discrimination was still rampant as most businesses were owned by white people.

Effa, determined to change things, organized the Citizen's League for Fair Play, a group of community leaders who urged Harlem's largest department store to hire black salesclerks. Before long, hundreds of black people were working. Just as the business world was changing, so was the world of baseball. Abe and Effa married in 1935 and started a team in the new Negro National League. Effa had never organized schedules or ordered equipment, but Effa ended up handling almost all of the team's business. Most owners protested, stating that baseball was no place for a woman, but Effa persisted, fought for her players and became the first woman ever to be inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame.

Audrey Vernick, the author of Is Your Buffalo Ready for Kindergarten?, profiles an amazing woman who fought hard for what was right and proved that she loved baseball. Not only will young readers get an introduction to civil rights, Negro Leagues, and women's rights, they'll also be inspired that anyone can create change.

Additional Information:
Reading level: Ages 4-8
Hardcover: 32 pages
Publisher: Collins (October 19, 2010)
ISBN-10: 0061349208
ISBN-13: 978-0061349201
Source of review copy: Publisher

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  1. This is the first time I've seen the trailer for She Loved Baseball. It's very well done. Thanks for sharing this great book.

  2. What a lovely story. I've never heard of her before, but am interested in learning more now.

  3. Thanks for stopping by ladies.

    Shelf-employed--I really liked the trailer, too. They made use of the beautiful illustrations very well!

    Bev--I didn't know that much about her either, but this book really sheds some light on what this woman went through--truly inspiring!