Monday, October 25, 2010

A picture book app that transforms right before your eyes

Just in time for Halloween comes a special children's book app by WingedChariot called Scruffy Kitty.

So what's so special about this app? Scruffy Kitty is the first kids' app to get all spooky just for Halloween.

Scruffy Kitty is from American artist Michael Slack, and has a new feature--You buy the app as usual from the iTunes web store, read it, enjoy the animations and make the most of the digital stickers - to the delight of all. Then on a defined and secret date, you open the story on your iPad and the app will unlock a whole new layer of images! In the case of Scruffy Kitty, it's a special version of the story just for Halloween.The exact day is a surprise but you'll see as it's all magically built into this version of the app - no upgrade necessary.

How cool is that? Check out a short video...

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