Thursday, September 2, 2010

Not Sure If Publishing With a Small Press is Right For You?

I'm so excited because today I have a guest post over at Cheryl Rainfield's blog titled, Publishing With a Small Press.

The road to publication for many is often a bumpy one, and it’s ultimately up to you the writer, to decide which way you want to steer. Should you turn that wheel and head toward the bright lights of New York City, gleaming skyscrapers and huge corporations? Or should you turn that wheel toward the cottages and bed & breakfasts that line rural America? Unfortunately, there isn't a road map or GPS guiding an author to their destiny, so in this post, I talk about some of the advantages of publishing with a small press.

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A little about Cheryl:
ScarsCheryl Rainfield's first novel, a hi-lo (high interest, low vocabulary) teen medieval fantasy came out in Sept 2009–Dragon Speaker: The Last Dragon–from HIP Books, and another teen fantasy comes out from HIP Books in 2010.

Her second, an edgy realistic YA novel, Scars, was released in the Spring of 2010 from Westside Books. It’s an amazing book and I highly recommend it! You can read my review at

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