Friday, August 27, 2010

What is POD Publishing?

With rising costs skyrocketing in publishing, many small presses have focused their business around a technology known as POD. POD, also known as Print-on-Demand, is the commonly-used term for the digital printing technology that allows a complete book to be printed and bound in a matter of minutes. POD technology makes it easy and cost-effective to produce books one or two at a time or in small lots, rather than in larger print runs of several hundred or several thousand like major publishing houses do.

POD does describe the technology used, but many companies are basing their business around this technology exclusively, so they refer to themselves as POD publishers.

Unfortunately, many authors don't give small presses a chance because some of the small presses use POD instead of type-set publishing. But POD has advanced and people are beginning to notice that digital printing can be as clear as any 'traditional' print.

Some of the benefits of POD are you don't need to keep large inventories of a book, and the set-up is quicker and less expensive than offset printing.

For more information on POD technology and POD publishers visit Writer Beware.

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