Friday, August 27, 2010

Distributor vs. Wholesaler

If you're considering submitting to a smaller publisher, you need to be on top of things such as distributors and wholesalers. What's the distinction between the two? How does distribution work? And how does it affect you? It's important to know because if a small publisher doesn't have a proper distribution deal in place, that book you're having published just won't sell. And what good is it to have a book published that doesn't sell?

The Writer Beware blog has an amazing guest blog post by bestselling author Cathy Clamp.
Distributor vs. Wholesaler --Getting Your Book on the Shelf

Tease: "The distinction between a wholesaler and a distributor is an important one, especially for writers who want to get their books onto physical bookstore shelves. Too often, however, writers and startup publishers aren't aware of the difference, and don't realize that a wholesaler like Ingram is only half the distribution picture. Below, Cathy describes what distributors and wholesalers do, and the implications of each for writers (and publishers).

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